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Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Benefit from our experience in engineering of embedded computing platforms and user interfaces. Your devices can be extended with connectivity and state-of-the-art interfaces easily.

  • Standard embedded computing platform
  • Customized embedded computing platform
  • Architecture design and check
  • Connectivity module design
  • Connectivity client configuration
  • Connectivity module production
  • Prototyping
  • Industrialization
  • Series production
Multi Network Services

Multi Network Services

Find simple pricing models to connect your devices with the latest wireless technologies. Benefit from our wholesale pricing for SIM-cards and rates with the best network operators worldwide.

eSIM card – activation
3G/4G networks worldwide
NB-IoT network regionally
Internet via WiFi, ethernet for free

Connectivity Services

Connectivity Services

For Linux computing platforms, our embedded connectivity Software Development Kit SDK provides a secure connection to leading cloud platforms.

  • Embedded connectivity SDK for Linux
  • Bandwidth optimization
  • Security
  • Messaging queue
  • Command system
  • Data end-point as API
  • Data end-point for SAP, Azure & AWS
Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Control, update and manage your connected devices throughout their product lifecycle. In addition, CRM, ERP and many other business processes can be integrated.

  • Smart update
  • Lifecycle manager
  • Tenant & user management
  • Secure data services
  • Software package manager
  • Visual monitor and optimizer
  • Rule based actions
  • Analytics
  • System integration

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