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Smart Update

Smart Update

An efficient and secure remote device update is a prerequisite for successful IoT applications.

Smart Update makes it possible to update device fleets "over the air" with new software packages according to certain criteria. As a result, the safety and function of the devices can be continuously developed. Smart Update intelligently supports the complete lifecycle of a device (production, installation, repair, de-installation) including specific requirements of professional software deployment.

Software release states and notes as well as their history can be viewed at any time for each device.
In order to optimize data traffic and update cycle times, individual, reduced data packets can be provided to the device application.

Insights & Actions

Insights & Actions

Efficiently monitor the status of devices, their usage and operational data through a modern web UI. Determine the location of your devices and get informed as soon as the location of a device changes.

Gather device data in real time and gain new insights through intuitive data visualization tools.

Configure device groups, filters and rules flexibly and intuitively.

Integrate data from external systems and data sources.

Turn your insights into rules that automatically perform actions (such as email, push notifications) and reports. As a result, you can trigger entire business processes down to ERP / CRM systems ("end-to-end") and fully exploit the potential of digitization.

Network Connectivity Management

Network Connectivity Management

To ensure internet connectivity for device fleets we offer a global SIM card management with intelligent features and crucial advantages for device manufacturers.


Secure by Design

Secure by Design

Security of IoT applications is a crucial success factor for any device manufacturer.

We therefore rely on proven standards in the field of user authentication via external identity providers. Optionally, we also offer 2-factor authentication.

The data exchange between device and cloud is fully encrypted. We use established standards.

Software updates can be signed, so that abuse can be prevented.

Paasphere Cloud Services are hosted in high-security, high-availability and certified data centers.1

1 Certifications include ISO27001, BS25999

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